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We offer you to use the production of the group of Ukrainian enterprises, i.e. devices for diagnostics and neutralization of technopathogenic and geopathogenic radiation, protection of people from the dangerous effects of radiations of all kinds of electronic equipment, Wi-Fi devices, mobile communication towers, geopathogenic zones and prevention of oncologic diseases. With the help of innovative technologies devices, such as neutralizers «Vernada Geo», «Vernada-avto», «Spinor», «Forpost-1″ have been created and produced.

       Device efficacy and safety are confirmed by numerous studies, relevant certificates and patents. Devices are already being implemented in many countries, for example, USA, Canada, Germany, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Slovakia, and Romania. This is not a complete list of countries, where the high quality of Ukrainian scientific developments has been appreciated.

      The universal device, which will protect your family, is «Vernada Geo». Conducted in the prestigious research center in Stuttgart (Germany), numerous studies have confirmed the high efficiency and safety of the device «Vernada Geo». Results of the study are contained in test protocol of the device «Vernada Geo». (Report tests of the «Vernada Geo» device no. 290914-3457-UA).

     Center of scientific practical research and application of innovative programs on safety of human health «Geoinfozond» provides consultations concerning application effectiveness of devices-neutralizers, produced by our company «Spinor International» and is engaged in their promotion to the international markets.

Delivery and payment

The delivery to your country is according to the fair of UkrPost prepayment.

Prepayment is by international money transfer system Western Union to settlement account of SC «SBERBANK OF RUSSIA»

Discounts:  in case of the order from 5 pcs. — 5%, from 10 pcs. — 10%, from 20 pcs. — 15%

It is in your power to prevent the damage, caused by technopathogenic and geopathogenic radiation. We will be glad to assist you in creating of healthy and safe living conditions, work and rest time for you, your family and pets.


Our contact data: Telephones: +38 (063) 311-84-84, +38 (097) 709-14-33

E-mail: geoinfozond@gmail.com, SKYPE: nikita23199, OOVOO: snnik1


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