About Us

The main field of activity — LLC Center Geoinfozond  group of companies, «Spinor International»  and Scientific  research laboratory of technical designing «VEGA»  this safety of health of the person, warning, prevention of cardiovascular and oncological diseases.

  LLC Center Geoinfozond, is the official representative of the Spinor International company and VEGA laboratory on implementation of devices in international markets, renders consultations concerning efficiency of their use and application.

Trade deliveries: indicators of electromagnetic and torsion fields of electronic equipment, devices of diagnostics of the VEGA series.

«Spinor International» the Main field of activity of the company is a development and production of safety devices from the torsion and electromagnetic radiation of electronic equipment: computers, TVs, mobile phones, base stations of mobile communication, Wi-Fi, geopathogenic zones of Earth.

By means of the innovation technologies such devices converters are made: «Vernada-Geo», «Vernada-avto», «Spinor», «»Forpost-1″.

  The Spinor International company is one of world leaders in the development areas and productions of these devices of protection of the person against a negative impact of the torsion (information) fields generated by different electronic equipment, household appliances, automobile which it is used in everyday life and a negative impact of the torsion (information) fields, geopathogenic zones of GPP.

  LLC Spinor International is registered in 1991, the staff consists of experienced, highly professional specialists in the field of biopower technologies among which there are Candidates of Technical Sciences, professors, academicians of the International academy of biopower technologies. The scientist with a world name, the president of the company — Pavlenko Anatoly Robertovich — Candidate of Technical Sciences, the academician of the International Academy Bioenergotekhnology of UNESCO, the vice-president of the Aerospace Corporation, the Ukraine’s first doctor of power information sciences, professor of faculty of biomedical technologies of Open international university of development of the person «Ukraine»                                                                                            

  Efficiency and safety of products of the company are confirmed with numerous researches, appropriate certificates and patents. Devices are implemented in many countries of the world: The USA, Canada, Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Italy, Bulgaria, Poland, Slovakia, Romania – here not the complete list of the countries where outstanding performance and safety of devices of our company is appreciated. The numerous researches conducted in the prestigious research center in Stuttgart (Germany) confirmed outstanding performance and safety of the Vernada-Geo device, Results of research are stated in the test sheet of the Vernada-Geo device. Reporttestsofthe «Vernada-Geo» deviceno. 290914-3457-UAOverall performance of the device is defined by the European certificate of conformity  European Certificate of conformity. 151299057.