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The center of scientific and practical researches and the application of innovativee programs concerning the human health security «Geoinfozond» solves problems of your health and accommodation as a part of the complex programof Ukrainian enterprise group: «DIAGNOSIS AND NEUTRALIZATION OF HARMFUL AND DANGEROUS INFLUENCES FOR HUMAN LIFE AND HEALTH OF TECHNOGENIC AND NATURE ORIGIN». The main task which faced the international community of scientists was the solution of a question of effective protection of the person against influences of the electromagnetic radiations produced by the electronic equipment and a natural field of Earth, geophysical anomalies better known as geopathogenic zones (GPZ). Electromagnetic fields in total damage health of the person, and, according to scientists and health workers, are the main reason of emergence of pathological processes in a human body, development of oncological diseases. The question of protection of the person against dangerous influences and prevention of oncological diseases was for the first time solved in Ukraine. By means of innovative technologies are already created and such devices converters are made: 

 -«Vernada Geo», -«Vernada-avto», -«Vernada», -«Spinor», -«Forpost-1»,

(Patents, certificates, testing the effectiveness of devices «FORPOST-1″ and «SPINOR»).

Efficiency and safety of devices are confirmed by numerous researches, the corresponding certificates and patents. Devices are already realized in many countries of the world: The USA, Germany, France, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Romania — this is not complete list of countries where high quality of the Ukrainian scientific development is appreciated. The universal device which will protect your family is «Vernada-Geo». The numerous researches conducted in the prestigious research center in Stuttgart (Germany) confirmed high efficiency and safety of the device «Vernada-Geo».   Results of research are stated in the test report of the device «Vernada Geo» (Report tests of the Vernada Geo device № 290914-3457-UA)

The center of scientific and practical researches and the application of innovative programs concerning the human health security «Geoinfozond» renders consultations concerning efficiency of use of the devices converters made by the company «Spinor International» and is engaged in their advance in the international markets at the price of the producer.

      Protection of health of your family is «Vernada Geo»

    The device «Vernada geo» has a unique ability not only to distinguish, but also successfully eliminate the negative impact of pathogenic zones on human health and health. At the same time, this compact device has unique characteristics, ease of use and durability, is the harmonization of the whole surrounding space where people live and work. Operates from the 220 V electrical network by inserting it into any connector of your home, apartment, office.

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«Vernada Geo»is a reliable and effective tool designed to protect the human body from the harmful effect of the information component of electromagnetic radiation from Wi-Fi, GSM, 3G and 4G networks, microwave ovens and other electrical devices, as well as geopathic zones,

VERNADA GEO (Patented)

The Vernada Geo device provides reliable and user-friendly protection of human and animal organization from the adverse effects of the left torsion (information) components of electromagnetic radiation of Wi-Fi routers, TV sets, DECT phone, game console and all the electronic devices as well as from negative influence of Geopathogenic Zones (of the Earth) or Technopathogenic Zones (appears as a result of the cell phones networks, base stations work, etc) indoor. Prolonged exposure of the left torsion (information) components can depress one’s immunity system, cause headache, excessive fatigue, and aggravation of chronic diseases.


Plug the Vernada Geo device into the electricity network (220V) of your house or office in any socket convenient to you or in your bedroom. After plugging into the electricity network a led lamp indicator lights and the Vernada Geo device neutralizes negative influence of Wi-Fi routers radiation and also geopathogenic or technopathogenic zones in whole premises. Inverts the left torsion field into a right torsion and creates a positive right field information umbrella that protects also from all external e-smog pollution and provides a harmonizing, positive for human and animal health and also relaxing living environment in your house or office.

Take the Vernada Geo when travelling or on holidays to avoid e-smog and geopathic problems.

The device does not interfere into operation of any electronic device neither consumes electricity. In a three phase electricity network one Vernada Geo should be placed for each phase. Conformity certificate CE  151299057. Manufacturer Spinor International LLC guaranteed self-life of the unit Spinor: 2 years, Forpost-1 & Vernada Geo: 7 years.

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ДоDefinition of abnormal zones, zones of the radiations made by electronic equipment of Wi-fi of a router, wireless networks, base stations of cellular communication, computers, TVs, radio telephones, Microwave ovens, mobile phones life-threatening and health of a family. to VEGA-11,VEGA-11M1,VEGA-12 devices

Determination of Geophysical Anomalies (water flow, water vein, phantom) of the Geopathogenic zones (GPP) Diagnostics of VEGA-12U engineering geophysics in the office of the automobile company.

Determination of the geopathic zones (GPP) (Abnormal zones) with the VEGA-12U engineering geophysics instrument at the office of the automobile company.

Study of anomalous zones (karst cavities, voids) with a VEGA-12U engineering geophysics instrument on the basement floor of the shopping center.

Study of anomalous zones (water veins, water currents, water lenses, karst cavities, voids) with the VEGA-12U engineering geophysics instrument on the basement floor of the shopping center.

Performing work on the diagnosis and neutralization of harmful and hazardous to health effects produced by the geopathic zones (GPP) natural field of the Earth (grid lines and nodes Hartmann, Curry, Wittmann) and technopathogenic radiation produced by electronic equipment in the house (TPZ).

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Fact of common knowledge that geopathogenic zones extremely negatively influence health and health of the person. It isn’t always possible to avoid, and sometimes to define an exact arrangement of geopathogenic places. The device «Vernada Geo» gives the chance to avoid harmful influence of GPZ. More powerful modified device «Vernada Geo», which opportunities allow to protect effectively people on much bigger living space and on adjacent to border of the house, apartment, office of the territory in a radius up to 20 meters is already developed and is made. It is enough one powerful device «Vernada Geo» in this zone for effective protection against influence of electromagnetic radiations, as geophysical anomalies, geopathogenic zones and all electromagnetic radiations hazardous to health of a family made by electronic equipment. Electromagnetic radiations of base stations of cellular communication, radiation of Wi-fi, wireless networks, geopathogenic zones are especially dangerous. The device «Vernada Geo» neutralizes destructive influence of radiation of Wi-fi of a router, wireless networks, and also geopathogenic zones in apartments, offices and other rooms, protecting, thus, people and their domestic pets.


(How to determine the efficiency of any neutralization device?)

Kinesiology test

Кинезиологический тест

The test allows to determine the degree of influence of electronic devices on the physiological state of the human body. When interacting with electronic devices: router and Wi-Fi significantly in 3-3.5 times the physical state of a person changes, the dynamics of its muscle strength decreases. This change in the physical state of the human body, on the one hand, shows the harmful influence of electronic technology, and on the other — it gives an opportunity to objectively assess the overall performance of the device «Vernada-Geo», «Spinor» and «Vernada-Auto». When these devices work, there is no change in the physical state of a person, it does not decrease, it remains the same. This is proof of the effectiveness and safety of the protective device. A detailed description of the method can be found on our website.

Example of using this method:

One person with one hand touches the router, Wi-Fi in the active mode of operation. The other hand of this person is in a horizontal position and in a state of tension. Another person is nearby and puts his two hands on the wrist of the first person with the purpose to lower this hand down. The first person is in a state of tension and makes an obstacle to this action from the pressure of the hands down another person. In this case, after interaction with the router, the hand of the first person weakens, muscle strength decreases by 3-3.5 times, the physical state of a person changes, the dynamics of its muscle strength decreases and its hand easily descends.

(See picture 1)
  When you turn on the Vernad-Geo socket, this action does not occur. Another person can not lower the hand of the first person down under the condition of the same force of influence on the hand of the first person. To do this, he needs to exert effort 3-3.5 times more. The reason is that there is no negative impact on the energy envelope of the first person from the radiation of the router, Wi-Fi and its physical state without changes, the dynamics of its muscular strength does not decrease with the same effect on the other person’s arm. This confirms the efficiency of the Vernad-Geo device. No impact of harmful emissions of the router, Wi Fi on the physical state of a person — it remains unchanged.

(See picture 2)

Electrosmog (dirty electricity)
  VEGA-20 diagnostic device and Vernada-Geo protection device
   Confirming the effectiveness of the Vernada-Geo inversion and creating a new field (rotation to the right)
— Measurements using the VEGA-20 diagnostic tool.
— Vernada-Geo device


      The device «Vernada-avto» is an effective protection of your family in the car!

   The device reliably protects the driver and passengers of a car from negative impact of automobile electronics, and also is irreplaceable at journey of abnormal (geopathogenic) sites of the road.     The company «Spinor International» developed and produces the unique innovative device «Vernada-avto», which opportunities allow to protect effectively people in the car. Negative impact of electromagnetic radiations on the driver and passengers from automobile electronics, such as engine, on-board computer, navigation system, system of video surveillance is eliminated completely.     The principle of neutralization cardinally distinguishes «Vernada-avto», from all analogs existing in the world. Feature of application that right after connection of the device, people in the car feel a comfortable, harmonious state at the physical, psychological levels — at the same time.     Journey in the car through big and powerful zones of technogenic and geomagnetic anomalies becomes frequent a cause of accident. Short-term stay of the driver in GPZ can cause sudden loss of consciousness and orientation, as a result of a peculiar stress and sharp emission in blood of hormones of adrenaline and a cortisol that can lead to a road accident.
Авто - До

Definition of abnormal zones and zones of radiations automobile electronics in the car, to VEGA-11, VEGA-11M1, VEGA-12 devices

    Result of use of the device: — safety of the driver and passengers in the car; — significantly concentration of attention of the driver during the movement increases, the fatigue at the movement decreases by long distances and at a high speed; — journey of abnormal (emergency) sites of the road with negative impact is facilitated: technopathogenic sites of roads — bridges, tunnels, sites of the roads which are adjoining base stations of mobile phones, high-voltage power lines, wind generators and passing over lines of the subway and geophysical breaks. — Neutralization of dangerous radiations when crossing abnormal zones and from automobile electronics in the car.

Avto- After


    Now there is a development of new devices of converters with application in aircraft.

   Results of the independent researches conducted by the medical centers in the different countries testify that long influence of the electromagnetic radiation (EMR) even weak level can cause such diseases as a cancer, loss of memory, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson, impotence, destruction of a crystalline lens of an eye, reduction of quantity of erythrocytes in blood. Electromagnetic fields are especially dangerous to pregnant women and children. Violations of sexual functions often are a consequence of influence of electromagnetic fields too. Now EMR is everywhere in habitat of the person, it is created by electrical household appliances and office equipment, mobile phones and the wireless Internet, and recently — Wi-Fi systems. Near power lines, radio and television stations, in the subway intensity of fields exceeds admissible limits in tens and hundreds of times. On this background magnetic storms significantly influence a human body.

     Wireless networks do irreparable harm to health. We will note that Wi-Fi acts on the same frequency, as the household Microwave oven. The huge number of researches in which it is proved is published that Wi-Fi negatively influences health of all without exception of animals, first of all mammals. Among the diseases caused by Wi-fi the cancer, heart failure, weak-mindedness and memory impairment most often appear. In the USA, Great Britain and Germany, even more often refuse use of Wi-fi at schools, hospitals, universities. In a number of the countries application of Wi-fi in educational institutions and installation of base stations of cellular communication near educational institutions is forbidden already by the legislation.     As a result of long-term work and the conducted scientific and practical researches by the companies «GEOINFOZOND», «Spinor-International» and research laboratory of instrument designing «VEGA» two major factors which independently and in total damage health are defined. These are electromagnetic an artificial field (technogenic) origin and the geopathogenic zones of a natural origin arising in places of an adverse combination of magnetic power lines and geological anomalies such as emptiness, breaks, water streams. It must be kept in mind that these two factors have in essence the close nature of an origin — the electromagnetic radiation and information component which, as a result of mutual strengthening, much increase their total negative impact. On the district influence of these factors leads to formation of abnormal zones of various size and a configuration. Limits of these anomalies can be found by means of devices.     Unfortunately, the person has no natural receptors for detection of geopathogenic zones. In the absence of devices people should rely on indirect signs of existence of abnormal zones.

    The center of scientifically — practical researches and application of innovative programs for safety issues of health of the person «Geoinfozond» is engaged in development and advance on the international market of diagnostic units:     «VEGA-10», «VEGA-12», «VEGA-12U»,  «VEGA-D-02».

    The scientific and research laboratory of technical constructioning of the instruments «VEGA» developed unique instruments for search and delimitation and a location of electromagnetic fields of a technogenic and natural origin. Sensitivity of these instruments to the slightest changes of strength of fields, is so high that does them irreplaceable also for execution of retrieval operations. The instrument shows existence of subjects and emptiness, pipelines (including nonmetallic) at big depths underground. Instruments have no analogs when carrying out rescue operations — search of mines, bodies under blockages of soil and buildings, etc.     Instruments also allow to estimate efficiency of neutralization of influence of EMR by execution of samplings before neutralization and after it.     Principal of laboratory: Alex A. Andreyev is the person-legend, the outstanding scientist with a world name, the researcher, the engineer geophysics, the developer and the manufacturer of instruments of a line «VEGA», one of latest models of instruments — «VEGA-12», «VEGA-12U»   и «VEGA-02-D» (Thumbelina).     The center of scientific and practical researches and the application of innovativee programs concerning the human health security «GEOINFOZOND» carry out diagnostics and position fix the technopathpathogenic and geopathogenic abnormal zones with use of instruments of research and development laboratory of technical constructioning «VEGA»,     In addition to diagnostics (checking) of existing real estate objects regarding the absence or existence of techno-geopathogenic zones and their neutralization, specialists carry out underground research work — to detect karst cavities, ruptures, geological unevenness of ground, water cores, suitable places for drilling artesian slots, favorable and unfavorable places for the construction of new buildings and structures and other facilities.

In your power — to prevent damage to TPZ and GPZ.

We will be happy to assist you in creating healthy and safe living, working and relaxing conditions for you, your family and pets.