VEGA — D-02 Duymovochka


The device is voltage-controlled oscillator. It applies the principle of «illumination» by its own generator that allows to obtain a positive feedback or positive torsion feedback according to the terminology of V. T. Shkatov (PhD in Physical and Mathematical Sciences, city of Tomsk, the Russian Federation). This principle is a development of A. I.Veynick’s ideas (corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the Byelorussian SSR, Doctor of  Technical sciences, professor) in the field of time research.

The device has high sensitivity and broadbandness. It is designed to determine geopathogenic zones, technopathogenic zones, phantom formations, mainly indoors. However, in the presence of certain settings the device can be used in the field. The purpose of this apparatus creation was to obtain acceptable characteristics with a relatively simple scheme and, consequently, cost. A revolutionary idea of ​​using a local (built-in) «illumination» is applied. In essence, the device is not generally a receiver.

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