An electromagnetic smog in inhabitancy of man

Results of influence of radiation of Wi-Fi systems on physical properties of natural water as of base of live structures of the nature are stated in the article.

It is unequivocally experimentally established that the radiation of Wi-Fi essentially changes properties of water what is the basic channel of influence technogenical EMR on live structures. It is shown that with the help of the special physical device is possibly essentially to reduce harmful influence of Wi-Fi radiation.

M. V. Koorik
The Ukrainian institute of ecology of the person, the professor, the doctor of physical and mathematical sciences

A. R. Pavlenko
The open international university of development of the person «Ukraine», the professor, the candidate of technical sciences

An electromagnetic smog in inhabitancy of man

The modern world essentially differs of world in which man lived several centuries ago only. The electromagnetic radiation is invisible danger which was introduced to the civilization together with technical progress. All technogenical fields of our inhabitancy are dangerous for man, as well as for all live structures because these fields are not natural, but are created artificially by man, and man has no congenital indicators of presence of such fields in the inhabitancy. It means that such fields render the diversified influences and do not accompaniment by any unpleasant sensations, and results have an effect not at once, many people do not consider it necessary to reckon with possible influence of electromagnetic radiations. And actually now the situation with pollution of inhabitancy of man by technogenical fields has essentially worsened.

Researches of scientists for last decades of years show that electromagnetic radiation is dangerous, as nuclear. An electromagnetic smog, co-operating with an electromagnetic field of an organism, suppresses partially of it, deforming own field of a human body. It leads to immunity decrease, infringement of an information and cellular exchange in an organism, and a whole functional health and to occurrence of various diseases. Many scientists in the world and various research centers proved, what even rather weak level of a long influence of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) can cause such diseases, as a cancer, loss of memory, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson diseases, an impotence, destruction of crystal of eye, reduction of quantity of red blood little bodies. Electromagnetic fields are especially dangerous to pregnant women and children, they promote infringement of sexual functions of men and genital functions of women. Now EMR present everywhere in the inhabitancy of man, and it is created by electrical household appliances and office technics, mobile phones and the wireless Internet and recently Wi-Fi systems. Near to electric lines, radio and television stations, in underground intensity of fields especially sharply increases. Magnetic storms essentially influence to a human body with such situation.

Today’s level of an electromagnetic radiation of the Earth exceeds natural level in 200 000 times. The human organism, of live structure (plants, animals and man) exists not in optimum natural conditions which have developed in evolution during many centuries and millennia, but in absolutely new more severe constraints conditions. Electromagnetic radiation extends everywhere and the population of large industrial developed areas is exposed to the greatest danger of it. Researchers have drawn main conclusions that weak and superweak (background) EMR by capacity in 100-th and even 1000-th parts of Watt of high frequency are more dangerous for man, than EMR of the big capacity, but of low frequency. The reason of it is that intensity of such fields coincides with intensity of radiations of a human body in usual functioning of all its systems and organs.

A system Wi-Fi widely takes root in connection with development of the Internet for wireless connection to the WWW. There are many of articles on a problem of danger of network Wi-Fi for health, and consider questions not only of influence of radiation in this case on a human body, but also on trees, live systems appear recently in the Internet.

Special alarm, for example, in the USA causes to establishment Wi-Fi at schools, universities. Parents are afraid that wireless networks put irreparable harm to health of children and teenagers. We will notice that Wi-Fi the microwave oven — the furnace operates on the same frequency, as. Such frequency at all so already also is harmless to the person. The huge number of researches in which it is proved is published that Wi-Fi negatively influences health of mammals, in particular on health of the person. Among the illnesses caused Wi-Fi, the cancer, warm insufficiency, weak-mindedness and memory impairment more often appear. In the USA, Great Britain and Germany, even more often refuses from Wi-Fi at schools, hospitals, universities. Today the official conclusion rather Wi-Fi as was with a recognition of harm of mobile phones the CART, with Wi-Fi while is not present.

The purpose of our researches was to find out, how influences ЭМИ Wi-Fi systems physical properties of natural water. The idea of these researches consisted that a human body as any live structure, contains to 2/3 waters and if Wi-Fi will change properties of water, it will mean that this radiation will influence as a whole a functional condition of a live organism, functional health of the person. We already repeatedly proved that water is the most high-sensitivity indicator technogenicЭМИ.

Besides, tests of new device Vernada-Geo, as possible neutralizer or device of easing of influence EMR Wi-Fi on water.

The experiment technique

Water as indicator EMR was used two waters: the packed up potable water «Morshinskaya» and potable water from a city water supply system («Potable water»). With the help of the standardized devices following characteristics of waters were measured:рН — parameter of acid-alkaline balance; σ — specific electro-conducting on a direct current, in µkSm; TDS — total concentration of soluble impurity in water, in mg/l.; OVP — oxidation-reduction potential of water, in mV. Measurements of these parameters were for samples of waters before influence Wi-Fi and for a case of application of the protection device

Results of experiment

Water as indicator EMR of Wi-Fi

In the table 1 are results of measurements of parameters of the sample of natural water «Morshinsky» after influence on it EMR of the device Wi-Fi in relation to necessary water. In the table possible statistically authentic errors of measurement of these characteristics of water are specified. It is visible that almost all characteristics change properties of water.

The influence EMR Wi-Fi on properties of water.

Table 1

Water type pH σ (µSm) TDS (mg/l) OVP (mV)
Morshinskaya (before) (1) 7.74±0.02 148±5 14±5 +180 ±10
Morshinskaya (after) (2) 7.49 124 80 +240
The effect Wi-Fi -0.25 -24 -14 +54

Table 1 shows that characteristics of water (water-indicator) essentially change. The time of an irradiation of water was 0,5 day. The increase of the time of an irradiation of water conducts to an establishment of certain saturation of values of sizes, σ, TDS and ОВП, and character of change рН depends on water-indicator characteristics.

Table 2

Water type pH σ (µSm) TDS (mg/l) OVP (mV)
Distillate (before) (1) 7.30 145 79 +215
Distillate (after) (2) 7.16 46 27 +215
The effect Wi-Fi +0.14±0.02 +99±5 +49±5 0±10
Water drinking (before) 7.27 604 335 +235
Water drinking (after)
(an irradiation 4 hours) 6.96 610 370 +250
The effect Wi-Fi -0.31yo0.02 +6±5 +35±5 +15±10

Data of table 1 and 2 unequivocally shows that EMR of system Wi-Fi changes the basic physical characteristics of waters as indicators of these radiations. It means that system Wi-Fi influences as on water, and will influence on all natural water systems containing in the structure water (endocellular and intercellular water).

The influence of the device Vernada-Geo

For the purpose of check of possible using of the device Vernada-Geo on effect of influence EMR Wi-Fi on properties of water-indicator, similar researches of measurements of parameters of waters under the influence of EMR Wi-Fi with application Vernada-Geo and comparison of the data with results of influence of the same radiation without device application as protection.
The received results are presented in Table 3.

Table 3

Sizes of change of parameters of water-indicator under the influence of EMR without protection and with application Vernada-Geo.

Water type pH σ (µSm) TDS (mg/l) OVP (mV)
Without protection -0.17yo0.02 -20yo5 -3yo5 -3yo5
Protection +0.20±0.02 -20yo5 -46yo5 -3yo10

As follows from the data of table 3 with the help of use of water-indicator EMR of system Wi-Fi, the device Vernada-Geo not only reduces degree of change of parameters of water-indicator, but also changes in some cases character of changes, i.e. the device shows the certain generating properties promoting restoration of parameters of water-indicator to norm.

It can mean, that the device Vernada-Geo can be applied as the protection device from influence EMR Wi-Fi in certain space in which present a live structure. More detailed possible use Vernada-Geo as the protection device, restoring the bio-energetics space still should be investigated in details.

The research of bio-energy-information properties of water-indicator

As EMR of Wi-Fi influence on properties of water, have been investigated directly bio-energy-information properties of the water-indicator of an irradiation by field Wi-Fi without additional protection and with application of the device Vernada-Geo. The idea of such researches is in the following. If physical characteristics of water under the influence of EMR Wi-Fi really change it should lead to change bio-energy-information properties, i.e. influences of such «processed» water should be shown somehow on its interaction with live structures. Experimentally it has been made as follows. Natural, live structure (fruits of a red mountain ash in this case were used), contacting with the water processed or raw EMR Wi-Fi, for the account bio-energy-information interactions between water and live structure, there are changes of co-operating systems: there is a change bio-energy-information properties of each of co-operating systems.

Changes of the basic physical characteristics of the water which contacted with natural structure were measured in the work and was compared to similar characteristics of the water which did not co-operate with live structure. Results of such researches are shown in table 4.

The effect of influence of live structure (fruits of a red mountain ash) on properties of the water processed
EMR systems Wi-Fi without application of the device Vernada-Geo use and with it

Table 4
Water type pH σ (µSm) TDS (mg/l) OVP (mV)
Control -1.02yo0.02 +717±5 +555±5 -860 ±10
Wi-Fi without “VERNADA-Geo” -0.62±0.02 +749±5 +473±5 -865 ±10
Wi-Fi with application “VERNADA-Geo” -0.34±0.02 +850±5 +429±5 -864 ±10

The analysis of set of the received data allows to draw a conclusion that bio-energy-information quality of the water irradiated by EMR Wi-Fi with application the device Vernada-Geo in 2-2,5 times above, than the processed water without the device.

The general conclusions

The researches conducted in the work allow us to do following conclusions. EMR devices Wi-Fi can be investigated unequivocally with the help of natural the most sensitive with superweak EMR to which it is necessary to carry and systems Wi-Fi. Changes of properties of the water EMR Wi-Fi unequivocally influences on any live structures (plants, animals and man) through direct change of properties of the water in live system. Direct researches show that influence of EMR Wi-Fi negatively influences on all «live structures» and consequently expediently to introduce devices for biosafety what will make Wi-fi safe for weak bio-energy-information processes in the nature. A possibility of protection of live systems (surrounding space as a whole) with the help of devices of type Vernada-Geo still it is necessary to study in details, however in connection with very important problem for all nature of our civilization, expediency of development of systems Wi-Fi are rather doubtful.

Let’s note in summary the following

The international agency of researches of a cancer (IARC, — the instance of World Health Organization with headquarters in France) already declared radio frequency EMF (RF), used for mobile communication, potential carcinogen for man, marks the edition. The carcinogen — chemical substance or the physical radiation, which influence on an organism raises risk of a cancer.

These are conclusions not only scientists, but also EU authorities. A number of experts and some public organizations demand to strengthen precautions at use Wi-Fi and new technologies, especially in public places of type of schools and hospitals.

In the Spanish fund Vivo Sano have counted up that the child who from 3 years goes to a kindergarten, and then till 16 years attends school, more than 10 thousand hours is exposed to radiation from wireless devices. In EU the standard limiting capacity of radiation of devices of mobile communication already operates. The World Health Organization notices that the main effect from a radio emission is heating of fabrics of an organism. However, mobile phone radiation generally is absorbed by a skin, and in a brain or other internal the temperature raises slightly. As to networks Wi-Fi its influence on a brain even more poorly, than phones, Elizabeth Kardis from the Center of researches epidemiology environment assures.

Nevertheless, because of potential carcinogenicity of mobile devices experts recommend concrete safety measures:

1) not to press a mobile phone to a head, and to use to set;
2) to place access point to Wi-Fi not closer than in 1 m from places where man spends much time (a bed, a table, a sofa, places for games);
3) to transfer great volumes of the data or to look stream video only in case if a wireless communication of the device with an access point good (by repeated transfer radiation influence amplifies);
4) to use terminals with capacity control (for example, ECO DECT instead of DECT);
5) to switch off access point when its are not used (else the device sends signals);
6) in public places it is better to establish one network Wi-Fi for all devices or to return to the wire Internet.

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