VEGA -12U New modification

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  1. The intended use of the applianceThe V.E.G.A.-12U device is designed to:
    – detect geophysical anomalies (geopathic zones) known as Hartmann and Curry grid in apartments, in offices and on industrial premises;
    – detect indoors anomalies of unknown origin, constituting spots, strips, three-dimensional objects (phantoms);

– explore karst caverns, faults, geological heterogeneities of the ground, water veins, which are powerful geopathic zones;
– to explore the «aura» of animate and inanimate objects.


  1. The operating principleThis device is a sensitive instrument for measuring the natural electromagnetic field of the Earth as well as of electromagnetic fields arising as a result of the electric currents of industrial frequencies. It works in the very low frequency waves range on the principle of frequency detection of the input signal.
    What is measured are the amplitude and the frequency components of the electromagnetic field, which vary on (above) the interface between two media.
    Price of the producer — 4120,00€

    Consultation about devices, application and their sale.
    Director of Center «Geoinfozond», please contact by mail


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