The Vernada-Geo device saves energy in your home



How Vernada — Geo functions

The device consists of a plastic box that contains an inverter and a network display. The device performs inversion of the left torsion field from the network of phase wires to the right torsion field, since the reaction to such an event will lead to a significant decrease in the level of real readings of your meter in the house. When you turn on one device in any outlet in the house saves up to — 25% of electricity. When you turn on two devices in sockets saves up to — 50% of electricity.  Provided that the devices are plugged into an outlet  that is connected to a single-phase meter in your home.

Also, the Vernad-Geo device effectively protects your home and your health from the effects of many negative factors (negative energy and radiation) 

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Patents, certificates, testing the effectiveness of devices «Vernada-Geo»; «FORPOST-1″»  and « SPINOR»

The numerous researches conducted in the prestigious research center in Stuttgart (Germany) confirmed high efficiency and safety of the device «Vernada-Geo».   Results of research are stated in the test report of the device «Vernada Geo» (Report tests of the Vernada Geo device № 290914-3457-UA)

«Geoinfozond» director Serhii Nikitin.

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