Oncologic diseases

Geopathogenic zone?
Our observations are such that today, more than ever, everyone needs to follow a healthy lifestyle and become a friend for his own organism.
Modern cancer research has finally revealed the need of own body resistance mobilization. Normally, the body recognizes foreign cells and destroys them. But the body which is already ill, is unable to recognize them and then destroy them. Therefore, cancer cells continue to multiply and grow. It is very important to help cancer patients to increase organism resistance. As a rule, the treatment of oncologic diseases by traditional medical methods (surgery, chemotherapy, radiation) is only a postponement from a death.
During the assessment of any cause of the cancerous disease it can be stated that in this process an immune system plays a key role. Just the immune system protects the organism from infections, tumors and various types of neoplasms. It is necessary to use all that has been developed by science, to study all methods which can help in solving of this problem.
Up to 80% of cancer causes can be eliminated. Consequently, 80% of cancers are theoretically preventable, and prophylaxis should be complex and comprehensive.
Energy information medicine is a new modern trend, which, unfortunately, is not recognized by many conservative physicians. This trend looks at the person as a complex of physical and subtle bodies, searches causes of diseases in the structure of this complex. Diseases occur already as a result in the physical body. It is not possible to cure the patient even with the most effective medicines without the elimination of disease causes.
In the human organism development of neoplastic processes greatly depends on the degree of organism unresponsiveness and immune system state. Protection against the negative influences of the Earth enables a person to achieve the desired resistance to diseases.
The pathogenic effects of the environment, i.e. geopathogenic zones, ionic radiation of the Earth, person stay in the strong electromagnetic field, can serve as one of the causes of the negative processes of tumor formation in the organism.
High nonuniformity of geophysical fields of natural origin is known. On this pattern an overlap of artificial electromagnetic radiation (EMR) as a factor of an electromagnetic pollution in the range from 1 GHz and higher (mobile stations etc.) leads to the distortion of the natural geophysical landscapes according to the state of electromagnetic fields.
This enhances the effect of the weak and ultra-weak electromagnetic anomalies of the local character of the natural origin. They are manifested in the form of “spots” and “bands”, as well as combinations thereof. In places of the long stay of the person this combination of the electromagnetic fields leads to cancer and other pathologies.
Doctor of Medicine Arnold Mannlycher wrote in the Swiss medical journal that during 30 years of medical practice he found no one single case of cancer, in the presence of which the geopathogenic radiation of the Earth would be absent. He is convinced that cancer is the disease of the location, and that the geopathogenic radiation of the Earth should be considered as an important, independent and serious factor of an influence on human health. Nevertheless, other factors should not be underestimated, such as smoking in case of lung cancer, or strong chemical agents, organism intoxication.
Doctor of Medicine Joseph Izzels, a well-known oncologist, considers an intersection of Earth rays and electromagnetic radiation as important factors in the development of cancer. His chronically ill patients obligatory changed the place, where they slept and worked, for the place, where the unfavorable emanation of the pathological radiation was absent.
Dr. Dieter Aschoff, Doctor of Medicine (Wuppertal), wrote the article “What are the issues concerning the cancer and unfavorable zones?” In this article he reported: “Despite the many efforts of cancer research, science has not been able to determine cancer cause yet, except cancer development due to ionizing radiation, such as X-rays, radium radiation or other cancer types, caused by radiation. However, in fact, causes of cancer development, to which above mentioned causes can be attributed, are very small, and scientists still argue about the unsolved cause of cancer development. But the Earth’s rays are also ionizing rays, and among scientists they should be recognized as the cause of cancer development.”
As a result of studies, conducted by a group of scientists Kosov A. A., Yaroslavtsev N. A., Ekimov E. V. in Omsk in 2009, it turns out that a direct relationship exists between the presence of these anomalies in the resting places of the person (more than 4 years) and development of pathologies of different localization and cancer. The most significant pathological changes are caused by the combination of the so-called “Hartman nodes” and “Curry lines”.
On the table depending on the location and combination of weak electromagnetic anomalies of the local character in the form of “spots”, “bands” (“Hartman net” and “Curry grid”) and also of patient stay term in them development level of oncologic diseases of various localization is represented.
Lines of geopathogenic zones cover the entire Earth in the form of nets of a different orientation. Crossing of zone borders, so called nodes, is the most dangerous for human health.
Our health is often associated with the inappropriate location of the bed. In the last 70 years, when German doctors discovered the relationship between geopathogenic zones and cancer, zones, where “terrestrial radiation” manifested itself, attracted attention of researchers. It has been turned out that this radiation has been a triggering factor for cancer and many other serious diseases.
Hartman net is present always everywhere, and Curry and Wittmann rhombic shapes are usually present in 30% of inspected premises. Hartman net is the most studied, its action is a proven scientific fact. It is an alternate row of parallel bands (walls) with a width from 19 to 27 cm, it forms cells. Each cell is represented by two bands, such as directed to the North-South shorter ones (from 1.8 to 2.1 m, in average 2 m), and directed to the East-West longer ones (from 2.25 to 2.6 m, in average 2.5 m). It covers the entire surface of the globe. And it also rises up. Thus, at the height of several tens of meters, it is determined in the same way as at the surface. Building materials (brick, ferroconcrete) do not influence almost on it.
Prolonged exposure to the area of Hartman lines is unfavorable for human. Serious consequences occur particularly, if a person sleeps or works in the areas of the intersections of these lines.
In Switzerland, Belgium, France, Austria, Czechoslovakia results of extensive research of the problem of geopathogenic zones show that from 50% to 80% of oncologic diseases are associated with the fact that patients have been carrying out for a long time in places of geopathogenic radiation action.
Scientist Ivan Yotov has examined the house of more than 10,000 ill people, 6,000 of whom have been suffering from cancer. It has turned out that all cancer patients have slept in geopathogenic zones over the «pluses», i.e. energy upward flows of the Earth.
Influence of geopathogenic zones on the human organism is always negative. At the same time, it affects not only cell growth, but also it influences on the immune strength of the human. Therefore, biological organisms come into the state of high energy expenses, and then in the state of energy exhaustion and as the end, disease stage begins.
When your bedroom or workplace are located in the biopathogenic zone, and your duration of stay in the lines of force is more than 8 hours, the part of your body is stimulated to the active cell division. Thus tumors, diseases of head, heart, stomach and other organs can appear, nervous break-down, decrease of organism enzymatic activity, hormonal system imbalance, cardiovascular system pathology, immunity suppression occur.
Also, Curry noticed an important role of pathogenic zones in the development of oncologic diseases. He believed that cancer is triggered by the telluric radiation which is connected with underground water streams and global information network.
Long stay in the geopathogenic zone leads to disease development in people. They are leukemia, cancer of various localizations, lateral sclerosis, cerebrovascular diseases, spasticity, spasms, migraines and an unexplained increase of body temperature.
A course of any disease is compromised by the stay in the geopathogenic zone. In places of residence or work of people geopathogenic zones are factors of an increased risk.

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