Geopathogenic zones and cancer

Community health workers need to know about an existence of geopathogenic zones (GPZs) and their harmful effect on the organism. All efforts of a physician can be useless, if during and after treatment every time a patient returns to his house, apartment, bed or workplace which are located within the range of natural or artificial geophysical anomalies. As in all cases of oncologic diseases that we have examined, the intensive influence of the geopathogenic zone has been present! Extensive studies have been made abroad, they have shown an important role of GPZs in the occurrence of cancer in humans. These studies were carried out in Germany by Manfred Curry, Doctor of Medicine, director of the Bavarian Medical Biological Institute, physician Ernst Hartmann who summarized his research of many years in the fundamental book «Disease as location problem». In Austria, as a result of the inspection of more than three thousand residential places (11000 people who were in GPZs: 6500 adults, 3000 teenagers and 1500 infants) the famous researcher Kate Bachler showed that cancer, mental diseases in children and adults were caused by the arrangement of their beds in GPZs. In Brazil, under the leadership of Dr. J. B. Marcondes, president of the Center for Terrestrial Radiation Control, in the town of Pato Branco comprehensive inspections of most houses were carried out, in result hundreds of people were saved from deadly diseases, because their workplaces in offices and bedrooms in homes were located in GPZs. In 1999, a similar study was undertaken by the staff of the Environmental Center according to the request of the City Hall of Aradippou (the regional center of the province of Larnaca, Cyprus) due to the increased mortality of children and adults in this city because of leukemia, brain tumors and other diseases. All inspected tragic deaths and diseases of people were associated with the arrangement of their beds in the strong geopathogenic zones. All of them are our partners abroad. It is necessary just to exclude a long stay in these areas, if it is possible. In order to identify and neutralize geopathogenic zones and technopathogenic zones you need to contact us for help which you will obligatory obtain. A specialist of our laboratory will conduct diagnostics, make the scheme, the plan of the location of dangerous areas in your house and will give you recommendations, how to protect you and your home with the help of the patented devices, i.e. neutralizers.

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