Manifestation of geopathogenic zone action in our life

Influence of geopathogenic zones on our lives is researched in different countries. Here we present some of such materials.

GEOPATHIC STRESS — The Worst Outcome of Mother Earth.

Each one of us want to be HAPPY HEALTHY and HEARTY. In spite of all our efforts people encounter stress which hampers the harmony and peace of life. One such issue which is the talk of the day is GEOPATHIC STRESS. A majority of our problem can be attributed to this stress factor. Geopathic Stress is the sole factor found to be associated with majority of serious and long lasting ailments and psychological issues.
The negative effects of Geopathic Stress were proven to satisfaction of medical professionals more than 70 years ago. The term Geopathic stress means disease or suffering of the earth. It literally refers to the earth energies that are harmful to mankind. Geopathic Stress lines runs through the earth. When a structure is built above the underground water, the natural magnetic flow of the water energy is restricted and disruptive vibrations are sent in the building. If we sleep over these lines over a period of time, the body’s resistance to diseases can be affected.

How To Identify If Your House Is Making You Ill

This is a brief outline of the ways you can check to see if you are being affected by a range of noxious or negative energies.

Geopathic stress lines effect on a tree

This tree shows the effect of living where two Hartmann grid lines cross

Geopathic grid [Safety Zone]

This application will allow people to measure Geopathic Stress all
around the world and allow you a more healthy life.
Generally, Geopathic Stress is a stream of underground water,
an underground waterway, or an intersection of magnetic field which
causes people to have nightmares, chronic headaches, insomnia, ennui,
chronic fatigue, neuralgia, mental illness, or arthritis due to electromagnetic
waves which causes harms to people. Geopathic Stresss could also be the
cause of learning disability and lack of concentration.
It could also have a bad influence on depression, insomnia, impotence,
high blood pressure, diabetes, and liver disease.
Therefore doctors around the world all agree that
getting rid of the underground
Geopathic Stress could guarantee perfect cure of the diseases.
The influence of the Geopathic Stress has nothing to do with bodily constitution.
This application helps you to find a place which isn’t affected by
Geopathic Stress and helps you lead a more healthy life in a more pleasant and hospitable environment.
Following people should consider the Geopathic Stress!
When you want a good feng-shui
When you are still tired after waking up in the morning
When you are suffering from insomnia
When you can’t concentrate
When you seem to have infertility problem
When your relationship with your spouse seems to be disharmonious
When your bio rhythm seems to be disharmonious
If you are suffering from chronic headache, atopic disease, or nervousness
If you seem to be suffering from the symptoms of cancer and stroke
Field of measurment
Three dimensional Geopathic Stress wave
Magnetic field tension
A power of a Geopathic Stress
How to use the application
For beginners, smart phone can measure the power of the Geopathic Stress three dimensionally just by tilting the phone regardless of the tension of the magnetic field.
Move slowly to the location where you suspect Geopathic Stress, and measure the yellow(alert) and red(danger) light. Move slowly to the location where you suspect Geopathic Stress while keeping the compass straight and horizontal. While measuring the magnetic force along the magnetic line, it allows you to measure the force of the Geopathic Stress. When the two graphs both show over 150 simultaneously you may suspect Geopathic Stress.
How Geopathic Stress affects humans
Geopathic Stress could cause or seriously affect diseases such as insomnia, nightmares, ennui, chronic fatigue, headaches, neuralgia, mental disease, or arthritis. It could also interfere with concentration causing learning disability. It also could be the cause of depression, insomnia, impotence, high blood pressure, diabetes or liver diseases.
** The principles of natural **
from north. The south-west to north-east grid lines repeat every 2.36m,
and the south-east to north-west lines every 2.7m.
The lines are approximately 75cm. wide,
with medically significant double negative lines repeating every 50m.

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